Plastic Free July has just kicked off and we couldn't be more excited for the challenge. While we've been filling you in on the initiative and a few, simple ways to reduce your single-use plastic usage, we wanted to take it one step further. 

When we were younger we walked everywhere, and if your parents were as green-thumbed as mine they would whip you for not picking up every single piece of rubbish you saw, but we've all grown up. We don't walk as much anymore - my waistline wishes I did but I don't - we've got places to be, we drive, catch trains, ride bikes (you guys are the best) but sadly more increasingly we oversee another plastic bag, coffee cup or empty can. Yup, it's sad but it's true and we're there with you, it's borderline terrifying just how much plastic pollution is right at our doorstep. 

This is why we're inviting you to be a part of our challenge: 'Home Town Clean Up'. To raise awareness and inspire change, we're challenging you to pick up rubbish right where you are - be it on the way to work, at the beach or the side of the road.


We're giving away $500 to spend at Thrills + a free water bottle and tote to 4 lucky winners PLUS free water bottles and totes to 8 runner ups over the course of the next four weeks! All you have to do is join in and challenge yourself to pick up rubbish right where you are. Whether you're around home or around work or walking to the grocery store simply snap a pic, tag us at @thrillsco and use the hashtag #ThrillsHomeTownCleanUp in your Instagram pics or stories to inspire others, too. Be sure to tune into our Instagram page @thrillsco to see how others are getting involved and for your chance to win. We'll be choosing winners each week until the end of July.


Love the thrills ethos and love our planet 🌍 hence I will do all I can to preserve and restore what we have but cleaning up my home, town, province and ultimately country

Lisa August 12, 2020

Love your brand and wanna do all that I can to save our environment for a safer and better place to live in

Elise July 20, 2020

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