We've been getting a lot of messages from you guys wanting to know how to best care for your THRILLS threads. Kudos to you. We want you to enjoy your new purchase for a long time and avoid it being thrown into landfill, which is why our Sustainability Officer, Mike, has put together 9 tips to help you make your purchase last.


1. Most Thrills clothes are made from natural fibres and they hate hot water and hot drying. Check your washing machines because heaps of them heat the water themselves and unless you change the settings dryers are too hot. Avoid dryers if you can.

2. Read the care label, too - we do make some special fabric items that take extra care.

3. Wash most items in cold water and dry naturally on a hanger would be my best advice. This is the best option for the garment and also for the environment. If you really want to get into it then do all this with the tee inside out!

4. Washing inside out also reduces the little pils forming on the surface and if you forget it on the clothesline the sun won’t wreck your favourite tee.

5. Always wash whites only with other white items - you can avoid the need for bleaching which is bad for the garment and our water system.

6. Try and use nice enviro-friendly detergent and don't use too much - if you slop spaghetti sauce on your tee then its a race to get it out and wash out the stain as fast as you can. Every second has a stain fixing stronger to the fibres so hustle. Worst case, we recommend using a stain removing soap that your nana goes on about - does the trick best - Sards Wonder Soap. Get amongst it.

7. If you iron please do it with the tee inside out if there’s a print - saves tears - move fast over the print area though - you can still melt from behind with some prints.

8. The way that natural fibres are twisted into yarn and then knitted means that even when all precautions are taken your tee can still retract and shrink a bit when washed - often to return to length during the day when you wear it. We recommend pulling your stretch garments lengthways a bit before ironing or wearing helps get them back to length.

9. To save your Thrills clothes and the planet - long term - simply wash less if you can!

Enjoy! If you have any questions about your THRILLS piece/s, feel free to get in touch with us at customerservice@thrills.co. 

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