Sydney-siders - get yourselves ready because Thrills is heading south.

Our newest shop opening is in Sydney’s Beach House Lane in Bondi, just off Gould Street. Filled with all our favourite things; motorbikes, records, cactuses and of course, the latest and greatest from Thrills.

Situated down Campbell Ave as part of the Beach House Lane, our latest store design encapsulates industrial minimalism while drawing inspiration from our favourite places.

The space is a curation of the latest Thrills collection teamed with a selection of accessories and vintage pieces as well as items from our favourite local brands and designers including; Sit Still Lauren Ceramics, Fifty Weight, J
ack The Snipper, Churchfarm, The Wild Unknown, Pirates Dreaming Jewellery, Goodworth, Biltwell Motorcycle Accessories, BC Hats and The Vinyl Junky.

Open 7 days a week 10am - 5pm.

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