Our Sustainable Future

As Thrills has grown as a company our understanding of the fashion industry and our social responsibility as a fashion label has evolved. We have begun to take steps to develop our current practices both domestically and internationally to improve our day to day operations and lessen the imprint we leave. This is a long road, but we are committed to reducing the impact we as individuals and a business will have on the environment.


In all of our Australian locations including our offices, stores and warehouse, we have opted for “Green Power” to reduce our Greenhouse Gas consumption and support renewable energy sources. We encourage bike riding, carpooling to and from work to further reduce our fossil fuel usage.

To ensure that this idea continues to grow all of our international suppliers are also committed to the reduction of energy usage. They are moving forward with solar use and sustainable water use and recycling where possible. Many of the factories have received high certifications for their positive approach to reducing their environmental impact.

Our philosophy is to "Reduce Re-use Recycle” wherever possible. This approach extends to influencing staff personally and as a company. We recycle and dispose of our waste in the most environmentally and responsible way that we can. Thrills have employed a consultant to mentor and encourage all staff to be personally responsible for ensuring that all our waste is managed to the best of our ability.

We are undertaking a long term plan to work with our friends in China and India to recycle or re-use as much of our textile waste as possible. This includes moving to bulk bagging garments to large volume accounts which will reduce our plastic use by 90%. This will also be combined with a switch to recycled plastic for all garment bags.

We are using many new progressive fabrics including Hemp because it is the rock star of environmentally sustainable fabrics. Hemp uses no synthetic pesticides or herbicides and requires no fertiliser as it is self-mulching and regenerates the soil naturally. Hemp requires little to no irrigation which = huge water savings.

We are attempting to move as much of our cotton products to “Organic Cotton” where possible. "Organic Cotton" vastly reduces the use of chemicals that are carcinogenic and environmentally damaging.

As a whole, we are pushing to use "Recycled Fabrics” wherever possible. These can be produced by regenerating the fibre from old garments or discarded offcuts to re-using waste fishing line and ropes form the ocean to create the nylon required for swimwear.

The suppliers that we choose to partner with are all certified regarding working conditions and social responsibilities. We do not believe in forcing the cheapest price to make our garments because we want quality as well as the knowledge that our product will not be sent to a less respectful factory, our relationship to our factories and their employees are important to us and we work hard to maintain them.

We believe that every person in our supply chain is an equal and a friend and should be treated in kind. All workers deserve a fair living wage and high-quality working conditions. Our workmates in China and India are all highly skilled and educated in their roles and we respect them greatly for this.


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