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We hope you're staying safe during these crazy times. Now, more than ever, we're doing our best to stay as connected as possible. THRILLS has, and always will be, a family business, and you're a part of that family which is why we're opening up about what's happening in our homes while in isolation; what's getting us through our days, what we're consuming, and of course what pieces we're wearing.

Meet our Marketing Manager, Nat.

Can you give us a round-up of what you do at THRILLS?

I’m not even sure that we have official job titles, but I guess I look after our creative & marketing department. We have a small team of 4 including myself, so there are a few different hats to be worn. Our little crew handles the end-to-end conceptualisation, production and delivery of our creative content - From campaign shoots to event production and everything in between.

Oh and I also shoot and edit all of the video content, and have more recently been enjoying crossing over into photography as well. It’s a diverse job role, and no two days are ever the same - Which keeps things pretty interesting.

Can you tell us about what quarantine looks like for you right now?

I wouldn’t say that I’m a conspiracy theorist, but I definitely have a healthy level of scepticism when it comes to matters of governmental control, so naturally, at first I wasn’t over the moon about being forcibly imprisoned in my own home - But as time has rolled on, it’s seemingly become quite normal. It’s all about finding some positives in the downtime, and I’ve actually been enjoying the slower pace and catching up on different things that I haven’t had enough time for in recent years. I’m definitely looking forward to getting a little bit of freedom back, but it is what it is and we’re doing our bit. We’re pretty fortunate here in the Byron Shire - Our beaches are still open and there’s easy access to get outdoors and enjoy nature or whatever, so I’m not complaining. We’ve been busy with work too, so there is that level of normality in my day to day - I’m definitely not sitting around wondering how to fill in time. I sure as hell miss the pub though.

Any kind of ISO routine happening?

We’re working from home, but we’re still working, so that’s the obvious one - Other than that I don’t really have a set routine. For me starting the day early and getting out of the house has been important. It’s usually just a drive to the beach for a surf or even just a swim, but it makes a big difference and sets the mood for the rest of the day. Besides that, I’ve just been trying to stay busy. I tend to think that the less you do, the less you feel like doing so I’ve just been trying to keep the mind active. Oh and we’ve been putting in some time in the garden, in preparation for the real apocalypse.

Who are you quarantining with? And where?

I’ve been quarantining with my girlfriend Lani and our little black cat, Tenshi. We’ve got the dream set up for isolation. We rent a little cottage in the rainforest about half an hour out of Byron. It’s a beautiful part of the world and we’re on a lot of land with no neighbours which makes it really easy to switch off from all the madness.

What’re your tips for staying sane?

As I mentioned, we’re pretty lucky that we’re still able to get out and enjoy the outdoors, so I can’t even pretend to comprehend how tough it would be in a city where you’re more or less confined to the living room. I’m also not qualified to give tips to anyone, about anything - But seeing as though you’re asking -  They say it takes 7 years to truly master a skill, and theoretically this quarantine song and dance can’t possibly go on for longer than say, 12 months - So technically you don’t have too much time on your hands, you actually don’t even have enough - But, We live in the Information Age and it’s all at your fingertips - So think long and hard, there’s got to be something that you’ve always had an interest in that you’ve never had the chance to pursue. Work out what that is and immerse yourself. Now’s the time to expand your knowledge.

Alternatively, I’m a bit of a space nerd so my other suggestion would be to go down that rabbit hole of research and contemplate the Universe for a couple of months - Being stuck inside might not seem like such a significant problem when you realise how insignificant you really are.

That was a joke by the way. That sounds like a recipe for insanity. Don’t do that.

What have you been wearing?

My uniform hasn’t really changed. Black jeans, black t-shirt, black hoodie or jacket if I get cold. It’s better that way, no one can tell how dirty my clothes are.

What have you been listening to?

Ahh geez. It all depends on mood. There’s the whole metal category and every sub-genre within, then there’s obviously a bit of punk in the mix too. But I also love funk and soul as well, so it’s all over the place. The only category I haven’t really been touching in ISO is rap. Not because I don’t like rap, I actually don’t know why there hasn’t been any rap in rotation. Maybe planting vegetables just doesn’t feel that baller.

Any recommendations on what the people should be watching?

I actually haven’t seen much new stuff since being in ISO.  But I do love a good movie, so maybe I’ll just suggest some of my faves.

Autoluminescent - Great documentary about Australian music legend Rowland S. Howard

Last Days Here - Another music doco. This one is about the rise (sorta), fall, and then rise (sorta) of Bobby Liebling - Front man of Pentagram. This one will leave you wondering how the hell he is still alive and making music. And also make you never want to do crack.

Into the Universe with Steven Hawking - One for my fellow space lovers.

True Romance - Written by Quentin Tarantino but directed by Tony Scott. 90’s cinematic gold.

Natural Born Killers - Also written by Quentin Tarantino and Directed by Oliver Stone - This came out a year after True Romance. The ’90s was the true golden age of cinema.

Anything from the David Lynch catalogue - This is a great time killer. You’ll spend hours watching the films and then spend hours afterwards wondering what the hell David Lynch was on about.

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