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Q: At what point did you realise that this surfing thing could actually be your career and not just a hobby?

A: At age 14 but since it was always my dream.

Q: Was it difficult in the early days to survive on company endorsements without becoming a product of what the industry wanted you to be?

A: Yea for sure, I was always just me its hard to change me, just ask my wife pretty much the industry sucks you in and spits you out so why change, be yourself unless you're just gay.

Q: Being at the cultural forefront of any movement there seems to be certain undeniable injustices pared with the respect and admiration, for example a good friend of mine always says “You can’t have Jim Morrison without the drugs”. Do you feel that your era sacrificed for future individuals to commercially prosper without ridicule from the industry and its peers?

A: Fuck yea, we went through it, lived it, were looked down on and survived it (well most of us) and are still here. These days guys are just doing a lot of so called legal acceptable designer drugs, to me its worse I hope people open their eyes to this bullshit!

Q: MCD at the beginning seemed so natural for your lifestyle from an observers opinion almost an extension of your personality, did you have solid input into the brand and it’s direction at that time?

A: No not really. I think they molded the brand around me cause they sure weren’t going to change my lifestyle, they liked it but on the other hand they would fine me $$ and even fired me for my lifestyle that they made millions on while they were throwing me peanuts, that was fun.

Q: At times did you have to stop the wild ride and pinch yourself to appreciate the lifestyle that you had created?

A: Yes, a few times but the one that sticks out the most is a boat trip with Art Brewer, I love going on boat trips with him. One trip we were on way back in the day I was standing on the bow of the boat taking it all in and just said to myself this is it!

Q: Surfing like anything if done day in day out can become boring and repetitive, how did you overcome the monotony and stay creative in and out of the water for such a long and influential career?

A: I don’t force myself to surf everyday I do it because I love it and getting paid to do it is just is a bonus but I’m super grateful, thank you god and mom and dad.

Q: Did you find times in your career difficult to live up-to certain peoples expectations that comes along with the hype surrounding the name Archy?

A: Yea sometimes it's hard in the water because I’m trying to stay on top of my game and learn something new every time I surf, but outside of the water its nothing just be yourself.

Q: Were there times you wanted to turn your back and walk away from everything that was surfing?

A: No, not surfing, but the industry, yes.

Q: Was the juggle of being a young father and a professional athlete a complicated balance?

A: Yea, being a young dad is hard but it's been really worth it, I would never change that part of my life.

Q: San Clemente seems from the outsiders perspective a town of many extremes, ethnicities and diversities. Do you feel that San Clementes melting pot of cultures was a driving force to your original approach?

A: yea sure, there was a lot of talent there that’s for sure I had a lot of locals to look up to, they would tell me, “don’t forget where you came from.”

Q: Was moving to Hawaii a strategic move, or a natural progression?

A: Both, strategic because I had to get out of San Clemente cause I was on a bad one, and the police were after me, then came the natural part of it, I have always loved Hawaii, but I got to know it that much more and I just needed to get away from a bad past and bad people. I just really love spending time with my beautiful wife Audrey and my youngest daughter Poppy James.

Q: Outside of surfing who have been your main influences and why?

A: My parents, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Joe Strummer, Roy Gonzalez, my brother Brian, all of my children my wife Audrey and of course GOD.

Q: You’ve always been interested in street machines of all shapes and sizes, are you currently working on any projects?

A: Yea me and Vin Diesel been hanging tight were working on our new fast & pissed movie, its about drinking and driving fast, yea!

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