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Article: A Chat with Mitch Parry from The Jim Mitchells

A Chat with Mitch Parry from The Jim Mitchells

A Chat with Mitch Parry from The Jim Mitchells

By James Adams.

Yesterday was my chat with Josh from Third Eye Stimuli Records, and today it's with the one and only Mitch Parry - frontman of The Jim Mitchells (Third Eye's poster boy band). I sat down with Mitch off the back of their glitter-bombed Chippo gig in Sydney last weekend to ask some stupid questions. Indulge.

Your name is Mitch and your bands name is The Jim Mitchells. Who the fuck is Jim?

I guess it’s a matter of context and association. Jim is an invention of creation and a vessel for creative fluidity. In terms of the group, we’re all Jim really, a collective of minds creating one consciousness. 

What did you get up to in the past that has lead you to find yourself starting this band? 

Having grown up playing drums in a few bands I later taught myself guitar which led to writing my own songs. This band grew from the desire to play those songs live. 

Do you sound like your influences? 

In some respects, yes. I think everyone sounds like their influences to some degree but it really depends on the mix, the amount you draw from those influences and how you stack those all together and mash them up with your own vibe and raw emotion- that’s what breeds authenticity and originality. I’d like to think we have a healthy mix brewing. 

Does anything outside of music directly influence your sound or are those things only for influencing lyrics?

I find that our sound & most of the songs are derivative of an initial feeling that is then constructed to recreate that vibe sonically. External sources are often responsible for those initial intentions whether it be a story or an experience, the state of humanity or the state of my own mind. 

You’re the poster boys for Third Eye Stimuli. How’d that come about?

I met Rick & Josh through a mutual friend after relocating to Sydney in late ‘14. I had demos, they had a dream and subsequently Third Eye Stimuli was born with my Planet Absorbed EP as the first release. We’ve since become lifelong friends & they also play in the band. Blessed to have met each other when we did.

Your shows are a little more visually thought out than what your peers appear to be. Streamers, Overalls, Projections, Buttons, Stage Design and all sorts of random eye candy feature in your shows. What’s the drive behind stepping up with visuals? Is it a distraction from the fact there’s 5 hot guys onstage. Like the musical version of a lady catching someone looking at her boobs and saying, ‘my face is up here’ or something?

I guess that goes back to that idea of influence and inspiration. I’m inspired by a performance and performers as much as their songs- so to create an interesting space that encompasses our sonic vision is just part of a performance for me. I’m also super lucky that my girlfriend is really into that type of thing which makes it easy to translate ideas into real life. 

I’m aware that half the band have relocated out of Sydney, down to Austinmer. What’s the go with that and can we expect it to make an influence on your sound? More intro’s and outro’s of crashing waves and wildlife noises?

Josh has been down here for a while, nearly a year, me & Rick moved more recently. Personally I was feeling uninspired and suppressed by the area and the manner in which I was living in Sydney. I have a better balance and more space here and so far that’s influencing creative output in a positive way. 

When will new music from TJM arrive? We’re ready.

In time. It’s happening, so when it’s ready. 

Get amongst The Jim Mitchells by listening to their top tunes below: 


There you have it. Vessels for fluidity, breeding authenticity, initial feelings, sonic vibes, states of humanity and translating ideas into real life. All that plus new tunes coming soon. What more could you want? Nothing I hope, because this is the end.

See you next month.

- James Adams

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