Claudia is often seen around Byron with her hair in messy space buns, some kind of school girl gone rogue outfit and mischievous eyes that match.
No question as to how she made it into our Artist Profiles - Claudia is a self-taught musician and has already started her very own girl band - The Galaxy Girls...
Just another one of her creative outlets along with film and fashion.
We talk art, style & inspiration below.

Q. 3 words that sum you up?

A. Roses are Red


Q. Where are you from & how did you find yourself creating?


  1. I grew up in Sydney on the Northern Beaches. I moved to Byron when I was 19 and have found myself back here again after a stint of travels and living overseas. I guess I’ve been creating since I was a kid, I’ve just moved on from mud pies, paper mache and school talent quests and find myself doing things just as fun but a little more my age bracket. 


Q. What do you do as an artist?

A. I love film. I’ve just wrapped up film school, so I find myself making videos wherever I can.

I also write music, play bass and sing with my girls in our band, The Galaxy Girls.


Q. What inspires you?

A.  People. I love people. The things they do; whether that be the subject or inspiration. I’m lucky enough to be surrounded with incredible people that constantly inspire me and encourage me.


Q. How would you describe your style?

A. My style has always pretty much been the same… I’m a 90’s baby and thats pretty relevant in the way I dress. I enjoy the fact that you can dress yourself according to your mood and wear your mood all day. Today I’m wearing yellow and am feeling particularly happy. I don't like grown up clothes, I hope I’m wearing tartan school skirts forever.


Q. What do you dig about THRILLS?

  1. Thats its from Byron Bay but its in no way boho. Haha. Lots of denim. Lots of black. Im obsessed with my Thelma Rose Jeans and matching rose jacket, thank you for creating such things! 


Q. Passionate about?

A.  Too much. Need to slow down.


Q. Last record you played?

A. I bought Beach House ‘Thank My Lucky Stars’ from the record shop in town a couple of weeks back and I haven't put it back in its cover. But that wouldn't surprise anyone who knows me, Beach House is my go to no matter my mood.


Q. Shit you like to do on a Saturday night?

The sky’s the limit. 


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