At home with Adelaide Friday from Pirates Dreaming

As the clock struck 12 on January 1 and we set our intentions for another lap around the sun, no one could have predicted what 2020 had in store for us. With each day seemingly getting stranger and stranger, as we ventured further into the unknown, human connection is what kept us moving forward.

At a time when our social calendars are looking kind of empty, now more than ever, it’s important that we stay connected. That’s why, for our latest campaign, we wanted to introduce you to (or further familiarise you with) some of the talented personalities that make up the extended Thrills family.

Take a peek inside the homes and creative spaces of the people that we work with and who inspire us. And so here it is: silversmith and jewellery-maker, Adelaide Friday from Pirates Dreaming - No brief. No direction. Uncut and uncensored.


Adelaide wears the Skye Knit.

Where do you live? I live in a bus on a beautiful mountain just outside Mullumbimby.

What do you do for work / how do you make a living? Pirates Dreaming - I design and make jewellery in a little studio in Byron. And I work in a lovely bookshop one day a week.

Other hobbies/interests? Words. Reading them, writing them, discovering them. Nature; discovering it. Music, gardening, love.

How have you improvised since the lockdown? Life has become simpler in the loveliest of ways. Slowing down, growing food, nourishing times with dear friends. More than ever, less is more.

Adelaide wears the Hysteria Merch Tee.

Are you still working? Yes. I've been enjoying peaceful, creative days in the studio.

How has Covid-19 affected your work? Festival cancellations and the drop in tourism have massively affected business. But on the other hand, it has stripped everything back, giving me the time and space to consider what is really important. 

Pros and cons to working from home? Pros: Living in paradise, I am surrounded by nature which is damn fine. Enjoying all the pleasures of home life whilst working to my own rhythm. Cons: The social aspect. My studio is a space where friends pop by for a coffee and chat on the velvet couch. So I have been missing that.

Favourite new ways to pass time? Finding creative ways to homeschool my son, Jupiter.

Favourite old ways to pass time? Listening to vinyl and drinking whiskey by the fire. Reading books in the afternoon sun.

Do you have any pets? My closest neighbours are 7 donkeys. That's pretty fun.

Adelaide wears the Camden Check Miller Pant.

What's your favourite style and why? I like classic pieces. The Hysteria Merch Crop Tee and the Skye Knit are fun to wear.

How would you describe your style? Effortless elegance.

Fashion icons? May from Thrills and Aldous Harding.

Adelaide wears the Hysteria Merch Crop Tee & Camden Check Miller Pant.


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