At home with James Adams

As the clock struck 12 on January 1 and we set our intentions for another lap around the sun, no one could have predicted what 2020 had in store for us. With each day seemingly getting stranger and stranger, as we ventured further into the unknown, human connection is what kept us moving forward.

At a time when our social calendars are looking kind of empty, now more than ever, it’s important that we stay connected. That’s why, for our latest campaign, we wanted to introduce you to (or further familiarise you with) some of the talented personalities that make up the extended Thrills family.

Take a peek inside the homes and creative spaces of the people that we work with and who inspire us. And so here it is: Sydney-based photographer James Adams - No brief. No direction. Uncut and uncensored.


James wears the Rose Sherpa Jacket.

Where do you live? North Bondi, Sydney, Australia.

What do you do for work / how do you make a living? I’m primarily a photographer however I often moonlight as a videographer/editor/director/writer. I know that sounds like such a copout and I scoff when I see people say that about themselves but I’d be lying if I didn’t mention the above as they are how I express my creativity in exchange for cash.

Other Hobbies/Interests? Getting wet, seeing and hearing music, friendships, food and drinks, exploring, talking and love.

How have you improvised since the lockdown? With all jobs/plans cancelled I had to improvise to get paid. This meant creating silly weekly iGTV eps for Karl Stefanovic. I’ve also used the time to push the sale of my photos as prints and its been nice to see those who can afford to support get behind me and get some fucking photos on their walls.

Are you still working? Always working. Almost all paid jobs have dried up however that doesn’t mean that im not working. Being in creative fields means ideas you might have in your sleep could be classified as work so work doesn’t stop for a pandemic.

How has Covid 19 affected your work? Not having the ability to be around people has drastically reduced the opportunity to connect. The 6 weeks of domestic touring and 5 weeks of international touring planned was entirely cancelled so the need to improvise and create opportunities around the parameters of the restrictions has kept me busy.

Pros to working from home? That I get to live in the pockets of my girlfriend and feline friend. We moved into a new place last year and having been away a lot it’s been so nice to spend solid time in our beautiful love nest. The high quality of current television doesn’t hurt either.

Cons to working from home? Living in the pockets of my girlfriend and feline friend….Haha. My cat hasn’t taken too kindly to us constantly being home interrupting his 20 hours of beauty sleep a day and to pay us back has started peeing his pants in various spots around the house.

Favourite new way to pass time? I am not ashamed to admit I have been enjoying dance aerobics classes to keep active. I also bought a kite to fly off my balcony however am yet to erect it.

Favourite old way to pass time? Now the beach is back open im having more time than ever to get in the salt.

Do you have any pets? If yes, please grab a pic for us. You know damn well I have a fucking cat. Patrick Moon.

What’s your favourite style and why? Surprisingly I quite enjoyed the bone coloured carpenter pants with the matching jacket. Having previously bagged the idea of wearing a matching top and bottom, it caught me by surprise that I look fucking awesome in it.

How would your describe style? What style? haha Comfort focused. Basics with a striking item sometimes for a bit of edge.

Fashion icons? Old people. I'm not a huge ‘fashion guy’ but I do enjoy looking at what those stylish old buggers are wearing.

Favourite Isolation styles – what have you been wearing around the house? Comfort is king at home. Now it’s a little cooler, its prime cosy time so anything warm and comfortable is the go-to. Socks and slides, beanies and hoods and ive just bought some jocks for the first time in 25 years to protect my pecker when dancing at home. 


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