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Article: At Home with our Co-Founder, Brooke

At Home with our Co-Founder, Brooke

At Home with our Co-Founder, Brooke

We hope you're staying safe during these crazy times. Now, more than ever, we're doing our best to stay as connected as possible. THRILLS has, and always will be, a family business, and you're a part of that family which is why we're opening up about what's happening in our homes while in isolation; what's getting us through our days, what we're consuming, and of course what pieces we're wearing.

Meet our Co-Founder, Brooke. 

Can you give us a round-up of what you do at THRILLS?

Co-Founder and Brand Director. My role oversees our brand's direction both creatively as well as through distribution. I am very lucky as I get to work closely with many departments, but my main focuses are overseeing men’s design, directing each seasonal collection and working in closely with marketing creatively on a conceptual level pushing the boundaries on what is possible, who we can collaborate with and what music events we create. I also work closely with our sales force both domestically and internationally working in with retailers to ensure our brand is performing well. 

Tell us a bit about what quarantine looks like for you right now.

At first, it was pure mayhem, I’d been overseas and returned home to what felt like the end of the world. As everything began to settle down and establish a 'new normal’ some light came into the darkness in the form of my two beautiful kids and amazingly supportive wife who founded THRILLS with me and designs/creatively directs the women's side of the business. Quarantine has actually been a special time for our family to reconnect after a crazy few years of business building.

Any kind of ISO routine happening?

Wake up, check socials and scan emails over breakfast. Beach walk, surf (good time of year in the water up here) then hit the emails and phone. I’ve been off the booze for a month so I stay busy till it’s time to Netflix and chill.

Who are you quarantining with? And where?

Tabitha, Ace (11 yr old son) and Bowie (9 yr old son). We’re down the coast at the moment and simplifying life since I returned from overseas in our little beach shack in a remote fishing village.

What’re your tips for staying sane?

Sanity is a full-time job at the best of times for me. My brain works at high speeds and unusual frequencies. I’m more worried about the sanity of the people around me. My tips would be to be kind to each other and be kind to yourself. This too shall pass.

What have you been wearing?

Oversized everything… soft fabrications… straight-up loungewear.

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What have you been listening to?

Oh man…. I’m a tragic wannabe disk jockey. My taste is eccentric, to say the least, I’m talking anything from 90s obscure rap, metal, funk and everything in between. But over the past few weeks, the mood has been directing me towards lots of blues, groove and soul.

Listen to Brooke's ISO Spotify playlist now:


Any recommendations on what the people should be watching?

I’ve always had a strange obsession with the ‘Juice' so the last thing I watched was The People vs OJ Simpson…. And after you're done with that, anything with Chevy Chase, Fletch Lives, Spies like Us, Three Amigos, Caddy Shack. My underground favourite is Funny Farm. We just finished Ozark on Netflix and are on the last season of Homeland on SBS on demand.

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