BTS With Filthy Mouth Creative

Our kind of love story. One of our favourite photographers, Brooke Olimpieri from Filthy Mouth Creative, shot our latest Summer arrivals on LA couple, Dani and Marlon, in their Downtown LA apartment. 
"Dani & Marlon are my favorite people ever. I love to photograph them, I love to hang with them, I love to see Marlon perform, he is the most fantastic musician. They just have this irresistible energy, I love being around them. I went to their place with my box full of Thrills, a bottle of mezcal, and my camera. They live downtown La in this amazing old building. Marlon put on some tunes, Dani danced around and they playfully acted out my idea of a romantic date night with a bath and a sweet song, followed by dinner on their rooftop. They are the real deal, a modern true romance. Their chemistry is insane, they are so in love. After all, even the losers get lucky sometimes."
- Brooke (Filthy Mouth Creative)

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