Meet Kiedis... Kiedis is basically on the verge of getting fired - For sniffing in all the wrong areas.
He bribed us to feature him as Employee of the Month in hope of getting more chix as a soon to be unemployed male rabbit in the throws of a mid-life crisis.

Good luck at Centrelink Kiedis!

Q. 3 words that sum you up?

A. Soft, Sensual & Sik 

Q. Role at THRILLS?

A. Back up dancer to Sandstorm and other early 00s electronica

Q. Describe your puurrfect weekend?

A. Chasing gurls, grunting & humping unassuming stuffed ponies >:)

Q. Tunes to Chew to?

A. 'Looking at life through the eyes of a tire hub,
Eating seeds as a pastime activity' - System of a Down - Toxicity  

Q. Scratch my ****?

A. Anywhere u like gurl I can take u der >:)

Q.  You could share a kennel for one night with one person, dead or alive.. Who you choose? 

A. Sasha Grey 

Q. How would you describe your style?

A. Kramer in the Pimp Coat

Q. Tell us something about yourself not many people know?

A. I can't see straight ahead. Ppl think I'm cute but in reality, I'm a deviant and I'm cumming 4 u >:)

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