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Article: An afternoon with Greatest Hits

An afternoon with Greatest Hits

An afternoon with Greatest Hits

If you haven't heard of them already, you might want to get familiar with Greatest Hits, the band. Hailing from the Gold Coast in QLD, they're a delicious blend of 70s groove, pop, and neo-psych with a bit of lyrical sarcasm. We've had our eye on these up-and-comers after getting a taste of the infectious energy and timeless groove they have to offer. We gave them full control of our clothing to see what outfits they could come up with while checking in and getting the 411 scoop on their creative process. Lose yourself and come hang out with the band for an afternoon. All images in collaboration with our mates at Pura Film Lab.

Chelsea wears the Painter Coverall. Rest of the band wears the Tab Coverall.

Tell us a little bit about how Greatest Hits came to be? The name 'Greatest Hits' really does set the bar high - was that something you all set out for from the beginning?

Not at all! "Greatest Hits" was never meant to be anything other than a few groovy demos I started in the middle of the night when we were living in England. I never intended for this to have actual songs, or a band, or anything, it just moved from one thing to another, and felt too good to stop!

The name was just a bit of a joke, that has kind of stuck.

I'm super interested to know how you guys create a song because each one is so fun. What's the process like?

It's kind of unconventional, but a lot of the songs start with a bass part - It's the most important instrument in this band. Once there's a solid bass idea, we start layering other parts, and the songs just form from a build-up of melodies and rhythms. If the song has a groovy rhythm section, and hooky melodies, then we're on! 

Chelsea wears the Painter Coverall

Obviously style is such a huge aspect of who you guys are as a band - can you tell us a bit about your style and what/who inspires your outfits?

We definitely love clothes and spend plenty of time at op shops. One of our favourite bits about making videos and playing shows is figuring out nice outfits. Hard to say what inspires us exactly, but here are our top fashion tips:

Henry: 70s Bowie every time

Chelsea: 'more is more'

Ryan: Clothes are genderless

Ryan wears the REC Jacket. Henry wears the Wanderer Denim Jacket & Chloe Jean.

You've just released your new single 'Trying' - how's that feel and what can we expect next?

We weren't initially planning to release 'Trying' as a single, it was kind of a last-minute decision, so we're really happy with the response. It was heaps of fun making the video for it, and it's something we're really proud of! There are more Greatest Hits goodies coming soon...

Chelsea wears the Suzie Blazer 

I've been to a Greatest Hits gig and it's like nothing I've ever experienced - no one's holding back and people have shakers? How the heck do you guys get people to bring their own shakers? What's the secret behind your gigs and the energy you bring?

We love to play these songs live and have a dance, and I guess we're just extra lucky that other people want to get involved in that too. The BYO percussion started with a friend who had just been gifted some maracas from Spain and brought them to a show, and it kind of escalated from there. A lot of the time it just ends up with our percussion getting nicked.

Chelsea wears the Painter Coverall.

I've heard Ryan (your lead singer) is quite the artist, too (designing each of your artwork and even Szymon's artwork?) - is that true? Is there anything else you guys do outside of Greatest Hits that people might not know about?

Yeh, I do a little bit of painting, but it seems to only be around music projects - I'm terrible at making time for it. At the moment, we mostly do Greatest Hits. We went for a drive the other day, for fun.

Henry wears the Friz Jacket & Friz Chopped Chino.

What are you guys like in real life? Do you bring the same kind of energy to a breakfast or dinner party?

I'd say, Chelsea, Jack, and Tim have the same energy wherever they go, Henry and Ryan save it for the stage.

Chelsea wears the Painter Coverall. Rest of the band wears the Tab Coverall.

Get amongst the Greatest Hits' groovy tunes

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