Father's Day with our Managing Director, Ryan

Whether they’re sharing wisdom or another throwback story, we can't deny the impact dads have on our lives, and just how great they are. In honour of Father's Day this year, we sat down with our Managing Director, Ryan to chat about his first year as a Father and how COVID-19 has changed the way he interacts with his dad.

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Where is your dad based? How does this work with you living in Byron Bay?

Dad is based in Costa Mesa, California, where I grew up. When he's not working he spends a few months of the year in Kauai, where he hopes to retire one day. The flight home isn't too bad and I aim to make it back every few years. 

What is the best advice your dad has given you?

My dad stressed the importance of being "able and ready", before taking on more substantial life commitments (i.e. a partner, kids, etc.). I've taken that advice, and although I'm a mature-aged dad, I feel incredibly fortunate to have met my partner and started a family when I did. 

Were there any traditions you had growing up that you’ll be continuing with your family?

We always tried to surf on Christmas. This was a mission during the cold Winters, but it should be an easy tradition to keep up in Summer on the warm east coast of Australia.

What’s it like being a new dad?

Being a new dad is all sorts of amazing! Watching a little human grow and develop before your eyes is like nothing else. All the demands of work, projects and life, in general, are easily melted away by a smile. 

Anything you’ve learnt along the way you didn’t know or weren’t expecting before?

I've learnt that breast milk doesn't go well in coffee.

How has COVID-19 affected life being a dad and your relationship with your dad in the US?

Working from home during the pandemic has been fun with a little one. Unfortunately, my Dad wasn't able to make it out before the global restrictions went into place, so we've been sending pictures and videos as much as possible as well as Facetiming regularly. Hopefully, they add Kauai to the travel bubble, otherwise, we'll have to take a boat trip and meet in the middle of the Pacific somewhere!

How will you be celebrating Father’s Day this year?

This father's day we'll be chasing cows around the farm and planting our Spring seedlings, beer in hand of course!

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