Introducing 'Talk is cheap' by Chris Shaw

Chris Shaw started writing about music in 2009 when he cornered TV Smith of the Adverts in the backstage of an Oxford, Mississippi venue for an interview. From there he started the Memphis punk rag Achtung Zine, interviewing the likes of The Spits, Ty Segall, and Daniel Stewart of Total Control. The zine led to an internship at the Memphis Flyer weekly newspaper where he moved up the ranks from intern to music editor, interviewing everyone from Richard Hell to George Clinton, Roky Erickson to John Lydon. Somewhere in there he started the Memphis punk band Ex-Cult, and had by-lines in Vice and Noisey.

Now an LA resident since 2017, Shaw has turned his focus to writing once again, interviewing the CIA for Maximum Rock and Roll in 2018 before starting his own website Crunchy Mag.

With over 200 Q&As under his belt, Shaw will be interviewing underground bands from around the world for Thrills, bringing his unique blend of wit, music knowledge and light hearted sarcasm to the blog

Tune in tomorrow (8 June at 11AM AEST) for Chris' very first 'Talk is Cheap' issue, and if you like his writing, check out his musical projects: Richard Rose, GOGGS, and Ex-Cult.

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