Iron Psych: A visual representation into the mind of Nicholas Agius

Directed by Izrayl Brinsdon
Director of Photography - Mitch Ayers
Edit - Izrayl Brinsdon & Mitch Ayers
Music: Dreamtime - Brujeria

Made possible with the trust of Thrills Co.

Choppers are an interesting thing, a money pit, a passion for crusty old machines that cost 10 times more and perform 10 times worse than any Japanese street bike you can find on gumtree – they are loud and obnoxious and the general population despise them, but nobody dislikes them more than their owners. These bikes have broken down a 1000 times in every shit place in every bit of shit weather imaginable, each and every time you ride them there’s a chance you won’t reach your destination, but still, somehow, you’ll find a way to love them.

This love between man and machine is a hard relationship to capture, and an even harder story to tell - that is until you find somebody who embodies it all perfectly. A love for Harley's passed down through generations is a good place to start and in Nick we found this, for Mitch, a passion for vintage film and Izrayl, a penchant for storytelling (whether true or otherwise) – the three of them, friends for years, seemed to be a good fit.

There is a romantic side to working with tools that have long since expired, no longer relevant, made inferior by generations of technology - This short story is the by-product of a love for useless outdated objects, a motorcycle film shot entirely on 35mm film that is uniquely Australian in it’s setting and a perfect example of why these unreliable, difficult and fragile means will always remain a passion for those who dare to use them.

The makers of this film would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land in which this film was made. We pay our respects to past, present and future generations.

Watch the full film now.

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