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Article: Meet our Thrills Dads

Meet our Thrills Dads

Meet our Thrills Dads

We love all dads, but special shout-out goes to our Thrills dads. With Father's Day fast approaching, we thought we'd introduce you to them and give you an insight into what they get up to on the daily. Plus, we caught up with them to ask them about dad-life and finding a work-life balance amidst chaos.

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Name: Brooke McGregor

I'm the Co-Founder and Brand Director at Thrills. My father was in the rag trade when I was a child, I would spend time at his office from an early age. I idolized my late father so it was my only option to follow in his footsteps. 

I have the most amazing family. I married a white witch named Tabitha and we have two wild, beautiful, hilarious boys named Ace (10) and Bowie (8). Tabitha and I have been together for 15 years and have gone through almost everything.. Births, deaths, starting a brand/owning our own business, moving across the world, renovating... We are a crazy family but we make it work.

Balance? As anyone that knows or works with me knows that I never switch off... I’m always thinking of wild things we could be doing. Luckily Tabitha is the same and we balance it together. Tabitha is a cofounder of Thrills as well and designs and creatively directs the women's side of the business so we operate as a team in everything we do. We have incredible friends around us who support us and we include our kids in our creative/work-life….which has clearly worn off on them as they are launching their own brand with a few of their mates.

Even our boys aged 8 and 10 have launched a brand with the kids on our street. Our youngest, Bowie, launched a skate brand called ‘Skate Fire’ last year at aged 8 and placed our eldest boy, Ace, as Acting CEO because he’s good with money! They are both creative in their own way. I don’t care what they do as long as they are happy.

Name: Mike Fishwick

I help coordinate the design and production departments and randomly design and build the new retail stores - oh and mentor/oversee the sizing and fitting.

I started screen printing at the markets in 1984, got rejected from art school for being 17 so did some shitty jobs till I had my own shops in Surry Hills and Paddington through the 90’s - got a real job at Mambo as a designer into the new millennium, got fired for standing up to idiots then worked for a bunch of surf and street brands for decades until finally Thrills!

I’ve been married to Megs for 15 amazing years already and we have three beautiful daughters - Ivy (10) Violet (8) and Maple (3). We are a really close little family - we have always all slept in the same room - only now have we built a little house with plenty of rooms but we still all share! We are really close and I’m helplessly in love with all four of them!

I have no idea how I hold it together with the family. I think there’s a dad hormone that kicks in and allows you to deal with 10 times as much shit as before! The trick to parenting is to remember that all rules are out and you can make new ones to suit yourselves. Eating well and sleeping well is the key to managing work and family life and handling mayhem with energy and a smile!

Name: Steve Fontes

I'm the Men's Designer at Thrills. Been in the industry for over 25 years working for different clothing brands from California where I’m from.

I have a beautiful combined family of 4 with my future wife to be, Natalie. We have 3 daughters and 1 son. Chance 12, Kaiya 12, Chloe 10 and Mila 7. Our time with them rotates, from having all of them, to just 2 of them at a time. It's beautiful to see them all together to learn, grow and most of all have fun as a family. I’d say that one of them will follow in my footsteps for sure. They’re always asking about work that I bring home and love coming to the office.

It’s a juggle for sure, but my partner Natalie and I have the best partnership and make it all flow as smooth as we can. Sleep is KEY.

Name: Josh Kwanten

Role: Operations Dude.

I started working for Burton and Nixon about 15 years ago in the Sydney warehouse and moved into Product Warranty Manager.

I still feel pretty fresh to the Dad scene, been one now for just over two years to my boy Hux. He's smarter than me already. We have another grommet due earthside October (I wanted a jet ski and my wife said Hux needs a bro/sis… I lost). I’ve been happily married to my school girl crush for 5 years.

The balance - I’ve struggled with it in the past, but learnt from my beautiful wife Keli Jane to commit 100% when you’re either working or with the family (phone off for the first hour when I get home). You achieve far greater success in both pursuits and stay mentally sane.

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