The Growlers x THRILLS Beach Goth Pop-Up



If you can't tell already, we're big fans of The Growlers here at Thrills, so we're stoked to be tagging along with them on the Australian leg of their Beach Goth Tour. To celebrate the tour, we held a free pop-up show at our home town in Byron Bay. Live music, free beer, vintage clothes; you name it, we had it. Massive shoutout to everyone who came for good quality hangs. For everyone else who missed out, here's a little look at what went down.



Sydney-siders, don't miss our next pop-up event. You can trust us to bring the goods for this one. Bring a mate for a night of beers, entertainment and of course, epic live music.




Friday January 18, 2019

Monster Children - 6 Australia Street Camperdown - Sydney, NSW

5:00pm - 9:30pm


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