Bianca is our Token Queenslander & Women's Design Assistant.
She loves us so much that she drives down from the GC every day to see us. Sometimes she brings her obese french bulldog puppy Captain with her. 
Girly & Tough - Bianca talks us through her Autumn Staff Picks & how to style them.


Q. 3 words that sum you up?
A. Creative/Artistic/Adventurous 

Q. Role at THRILLS?
A. Women's Garment Tech/Design Assistant/Token Queenslander

Q. Last record you played?
A. Fleetwood Mac.

Q. How would you describe your style?
A. My style is feminine with a dark edge - I aim to find the perfect balance between girly & tough. Whether it's through fabrics, colours or shapes it's about mixing and matching to create the perfect outfit. 
I am loving the Outline Logo Muscle Dress in Faded Grey - it is the ideal dress to match back with your fav accessories! The Kerchief has an amazing wash that looks like it's been revived from your favourite vintage store.

Q. Tell us something about yourself not many people know?
A. I can't deal with melted cheese... gaggggggggggg :)

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