By Molly O'Neill

We don’t have the secret to make your worst hangovers disappear, but we think this might be able to help you. There’s nothing quite like aimlessly wandering down a street full of vendors all selling the most delicious food in those moments when you are feeling a little fragile and everything is a little bit of a struggle.

Australia is starting to have its name put on the map when it comes to culinary delights, almost to the point where the rest of the world must assume we are all those ‘foodie’ types. We aren’t sure how we feel about this stereo-type, so we have done some digging to find food and wine festivals that are a little less gourmet and a little more greasy, a little more our thing.


Commonly referred to as ‘Bitter & Twisted’ (because, really, how boutique can any event with the word beer in the title really be…) is the perfect place to enjoy three of life’s greatest pleasures… Music, food & beer. And the best part about this event is that it is held within the walls of Maitland’s famed historic sight - maximum security Maitland Goal. Too bad it is no longer a prison; if your behaviour gets out of hand you will still be escorted by a paddy wagon. Not only will there be over 80 varieties of beer for the true beer nerds out there, but there is plenty of wine and cider with food matchings from vendors inspired by cuisines from all over the globe.

A DAY ON THE GREEN - Various Locations, Australia Wide

Looking at some of the line-up’s that A Day On The Green have delivered over the years, they really have been able to send us down memory lane, or our parents down memory lane at least. They have been able to bring back some old time favourites including Blondie, Cyndi Lauper Boz Scaggs, Billy Idol and the Violent Femmes, I wonder if they will ever be able to work the magic to get Jimi Hendrix on stage? One of the coolest things about this Food & Wine Festival is that it isn’t really a Food & Wine Festival, they just coincidentally use different Wineries all over Australia as perfect locations for these events. You can even take your own food with you. Currently touring Elton John, A Day On The Green is the best way to really indulge in those musical pleasures, whether they are guilty pleasures or not.


The film Chef has made this concept totally pop off, Food Trucks are famed for making food that isn’t necessarily highly rated on a scale of healthy food, but you know for those hard to handle Sunday mornings, that is just what we are after. This Food Truck Festival in the city in Melbourne has something to satisfy everyone’s craving - and you can even take your dog, which in our eyes makes this event a 10/10.   

ADELAIDE BEER AND BBQ FESTIVAL - Adelaide Showground, SA July 12 - 14, 2019

With one of the longest lists of brewers to be in one place at the same time, alongside BBQ food and a range of entertainment,  this is an event we really like the sound of. Their vision for Adelaide Beer & BBQ festival was simple: equal parts BBQ, beer and music.

This year the headlining act is Dj Yella from N.W.A; famed record producer straight outta Compton. Having worked with the likes of Dr Dre, Icecube and MC Ren - we are sure that his set will be nothing less that fucking great. Another act who grabbed our attention was aussie punk band, Frenzal Rhomb. Have you heard their cover of Home and Aways theme song? It is at least 10 times better than the original. 

The Adelaide Beer & BBQ festival is a food festival where you can go and feel confident that you know how to pronounce everything on the menu, and you leave feeling full and satisfied. There is a vinyl store, tattooing, hot sauces, barber shops and a Wet T-Shirt comp, but for those with a Beer Bod.

THE CURATED PLATE - Sunshine Coast, QLD Aug 8 - 11, 2019

The Sunshine Coast is hosting a new event to the food & wine circuit, The Curated Plate. Famed for its beautiful beaches and incredible hinterland, the Sunny Coast is the ideal place to host a producer to plate experience. This Food Festival has over 50 events in a variety of locations, ranging from Brewery Tours, wild foraging experiences to Jetski Seafood Safaris. With renowned international and Australian chefs coming together with local producers, we think this event is going to be a consumers delight and will have something for everyone who has a thirst for knowing a little bit about where their food comes from.

WINTER HARVEST FESTIVAL - Scenic Rim, QLD July 6, 2019

We are all semi-responsible for the state of the planet, and one thing that we can do to try and help decrease the dramatic end-of-the-world is to be able to make some educated decisions when it comes to food choices. The Winter Harvest Festival is the signature event of the ‘Eat Local Week’  and not only is riddled with over 70 food stalls, selling everything ranging from local produce, relishes, olives, beer, wine, camel milk products and carrot ice-cream. I mean, what more could you want?

Plus there is the famed Tractor pulling competition. Coupla beers under your belt and who knows, perhaps you will have the strength of Popeye after a can of spinach.


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