The very reasons why you should have mens black chinos on outfit rotation

So while we're all drowning in Corona media overload, we thought you might want to hear about something else other than washing your hands and how we should stop smooching people (still important though, y'all). One fact that can't be denied is that, no matter on which side of the hemisphere you reside, we're deep in in-between seasons, and that means diving into one of our greatest obsessions: pants. Too broad? Okay. In particular; chinos. And if you ask us, the real OG is... *insert drumroll* .. black chinos. Rarely has there been another piece of clothing that suits so many occasions and is equally underground-cool as special-occasions-dressy (sometimes we have to, right). And to prove just how versatile they are, the suit gals and guys equally well (if sizing allows), so how much better can it get.

Keep on scrolling for some of our fave combos of the holy grail that is black mens chinos. 

1. Break it up with vintage-inspired jackets or sweaters



2. Short sleeve shirts are a vibe



3. And why not take it to the next level with party shirts



4. Or just keep it casual-cool with everyday basics



Now that you know black mens chinos and chinos in general are a good investment, go on and get some for yourself.


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