The Wrap Up: Tim Caraco's 'Freedom Machines'

Late last year, many of us sadly lost a dear friend. Tim Caraco was an endlessly talented photographer and an immensely charismatic personality.

Tim captured chopper subculture not just here in Australia but also on an international scale. For many years Tim worked tirelessly with his camera in order to bring people together with his imagery. His passion for motorcycles put him at the forefront of his peers, and firmly engrained him into the minds of the masses. 

Tim’s documentation of choppers now gives us all a chance to live in the shoes of those who live and breath these machines. From long nights in the garage to long days on the open road. 

We were proud to work alongside Tim’s family and friends to hold a one night only exhibition to feature some of Tim's favourite visuals from around Australia and the globe. Tim will continue to live on through these shared works. See what we got up to below.


Didn't make it to the exhibition? Tim's artwork and books are available to purchase here.


Photos: Benson Keers

Food: The Wiener Haus

Drinks: Byron Bay Brewery

Live music: Daisy Brains

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