Thrills has a long relationship with the textile industry in China and we care a great deal about maintaining those partnerships. Our suppliers there have highly skilled teams who’ve grown global reputations for their expertise with particular methods and materials. We think of them as good friends and it bothers us when factories in China as a whole are wrongly judged. 

Years of negative press and old stories of sweatshops have created a stigma associated with production in China that’s severely outdated. We’d like to help straighten that out. Our partner factories are technically advanced, highly specialised, and provide fair pay and working conditions to all their valued employees. Our team in Byron communicates with them daily to ensure we’re all on the same page and we know we’d be lost without them – just as we’d be lost without the specialised expertise and support of all our amazing global suppliers.

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We look out for all those within our supply chain, as good mates should. The Thrills Code of Conduct is a document that outlines our brand values in regards to responsible sourcing and supports the positive development of these supplier relationships. We require all our makers to sign the code to confirm their shared commitment to these high standards, as well. 

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GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is internationally recognised as the leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, across ecological and social criteria. Taking every step of the supply chain into account, from harvesting to labelling, the standard gives you credible assurance that an item has been made without causing any harm to the people in the supply chain or the planet. If it’s GOTS-certified, you can count on it.


OEKO-TEX® was created to ensure companies and customers that a textile is free from chemicals that could cause you harm. To obtain this certification, the fabric must be tested for over 100 substances (yep, that’s what’s out there) with regular onsite visits to guarantee ongoing compliance. With these strict guidelines, we can provide assurance to Thrills customers that our clothing is safe and to be trusted.

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