Who is Thrills - May


Who is May? Tell us a bit about yourself and background.
Good Question! She is small with big personalities, Most people think she’s sweet but she’s feisty as hell.

What's your position at THRILLS?
Full time security at retail store. 

Typical Saturday?
Sleep, eat, sun, market hunt, eat, sun, sleep.

Most worn outfit? What's your hot pick for the current season at Thrills? (without saying Yui) 
My most worn outfit is Black Mercy Jeans with Destroy Natural White Tee. My HOT pick for the current season would be Bad Habits Tee wearing over Night Stalker Maxi Dress…. Just because!

Something about the office no one would know?
Ewok is in the house!!!

Words for the kids?
Say please and Thank you!

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