Who is Thrills - Louis

Who is Louis? Tell us a bit about yourself and background.
I’m a pretty cruisey guy who’s bit rough around the edges but you’ll learn to love me, however I am incredibly impulsive and I don’t put a lot thought into decision making. I prefer to go with what feels right at the time, I think it makes life more fun!!

What's your position at THRILLS?
Warehouse Chief

Typical Saturday?
Take dogs for a run, eat, catch up with mates and relax

Most worn outfit? What's your hot pick for the current season at Thrills (without saying Yui)
Faded Black Destroy Buzzcut Shorts with PTSM Paradise Tee would be my most worn, and Hot pick of the season would definitely be black destroy bones jeans with radio tee

Something about the office no one would know?
I can hear every time someone uses toilet/ toilet paper because my desk is right on the other side of the wall.

Words for the kids?
Be creative and free, and get outdoors!!

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