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Article: 9 Summer Outfit Ideas You Should Definitely Start Wearing Now

9 Summer Outfit Ideas You Should Definitely Start Wearing Now

9 Summer Outfit Ideas You Should Definitely Start Wearing Now

Summer's well and truly here. In fact, if you're near Byron Bay like us, it's already here for the taking. One of the greatest things about the warm season is simply that there's less to think about when it comes to dressing, making things a hell of a lot simpler. As the new season approaches, it's time to give your wardrobe a revamp (treat yourself). We've put together 9 of our favourite Summer outfit ideas to make things even easier. Try all or one and thank us later.

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1. Say hello to Dirty White


Shop Dirty White

It's the new colour of the season (for us, anyway). Get that vintage look and refresh your get-up by switching out your regular black denim for new Dirty White denim. 

2. Double up your button-down shirt as a cover-up


 Concrete Jungle Bikini Top || Market Short

Who else loves getting two for one? Double up your button-up as a cover-up for an effortless and cool look this Summer season. Simply wear over the top of your swimwear, pair back with your favourite cutoff shorts and you're good to go. 

3. Don't be afraid to add in some colour

Minimal Thrills Oversize Long Sleeve Shirt || Eighty Three merch fit tee || Bones Denim Jean

Image via @caspar_thomas

Colour can be a little daunting, we know, but nothing looks more Summer-y than a bright colour, so why not pick out a coloured style that tickles your fancy and incorporate it into your daily outfit line-up.

4. Raw denim is key


Chopped Denim Short || Destroyed Bones Denim Short

These will soon become your best friend. We've kept the same great-fitting shape from our jeans and updated them to a chopped cut short for when the weather warms up. Simply choose your denim wash and pair with a tee or party shirt and you'll be ready to take on the season.  

5. Update your party shirt

Summer is the perfect time of the year to whip out your patterned shirts as you'll be attending a mix of Christmas events, New Year's parties and BBQs. Take the stress off your outfit worries with an updated party shirt. This season, we've made sure to include a bunch for you to choose from. Thank us later.

6. Double denim


Mercy Jacket || Jude Jean

The Double Denim trend is one we're taking to the grave. That's why, of course, we're going to make it work for the warmer months. Simply switch out your regular denim washes to Dirty White and voila, you're ready to take on the heat while looking 11/10.

7. Focus on accessories


Throw some shade or get shaded with new Summer accessories. Want to look put together with minimal effort? Chuck on a hat or cap, or your favourite sunglasses and thank us later.

8. Throwback to the 80s

Classic Rib Tank || Canyon Jean

Image via @dom.overseas

Get that 'just stepped out of the 80s' look with some wide-leg bottoms. Finish off the look with a simple tank or tee (Dom's got the right idea in our Classic Rib Tank) and take on the day in style.

9. Get back to basics

Classic Rib Tee || Jude Jean

Let's not forget about the classics (aka the pieces you'll ACTUALLY be wearing all season long). Versatility is key, which is why we've spent time developing our very own high-quality basics this Summer. 


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