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Article: Meredith Music Festival - A bloody good way to welcome summer

Meredith Music Festival - A bloody good way to welcome summer

Meredith Music Festival - A bloody good way to welcome summer

Summer in Australia is a bloody good time for more reasons than we can be bothered to list here. I mean it is hot, really damn hot, the days are long, the waves are good, the beers are cold, everyone is usually in a pretty good mood.  And to top it off there are a plethora of music festivals, it is almost stressful to think about how you are going to manage it all.  

One of the upcoming events that we are amped on is the Meredith Music Festival  in Victoria, about 90kms from Melbourne - halfway between Geelong and Ballarat. Happening over the weekend of the 13-15th December, heading to Meredith is the ultimate way to get into the swing of summer. 

This year Aunty Meredith & Uncle Doug and all of the team behind the happenings of Meredith Music Festival are bringing to life an absolutely stellar line up to satisfy a diverse range of people seeking a good time.  There is certainly a nod given to times of the past- your mum & dad or perhaps your alternative Aunty Susie will be proud of your attendance; but in saying this, there is a nice mix of artists who have only been releasing music in the past few years. 

With a combination of music from artists from all over the world, it is hard to list who we are the most excited about - but here are a few of the acts we are psyched on: 

1. U-bahn 

A band formed from chance meetings after the purchasing of each others gear on Gumtree, this Melbourne based band is guaranteed to deliver an immersive live show full of exceptional eccentricity. We dig the tune Right Swipe - it isn’t even a year old but boy-oh-boy it is something we are going to have on rotation for some time to come. 

2. Amyl & The Sniffers

Friends of Thrills for awhile now, it has been one hell of a time to see these guys perform at some of our own parties up here in Byron. Taking home an Aria for Best Rock Album 2019, these guys really know how to put on a good show.  Cup of Destiny is one of their bangers that does a real great job showcasing exactly what the band are about - a damn good time. 

3. Viagra Boys

These Swedes are guaranteed to deliver a mighty fine performance, especially if this banger is anything to go by... Sports. Post punk, eclectic and unapologetically themselves,  The Viagra Boys are a band that we are stoked to have stumbled across and can’t wait to see them do their thing live. 

4. Liam Gallagher

We bet that back in the day of Oasis, Liam Gallagher was your mum’s secret celebrity crush. An O.G. soft boi - Liam Gallagher has over two decades of experience performing in stadiums and large venues around the world, we are looking forward to seeing what he does in the infamous ‘SUP (Supernatural Amphitheatre) with some of his songs with big sounds like One of us, from his solo album that has just been released this year. 

5. Scott & Charlenes Wedding - This is an act we have been super stoked on lately. A little bit of jangly guitar, heart-felt lyrics and a humble voice, these guys are easy listening and relatable. Guaranteed to make anyone feel good at any time of the day or night, and we promise that they can even get the stiffest of dancers toes tapping and heads boppin’ away. Distracted is a tune we hope they perform and we all get to have a merry time listening to! 


While you are at Meredith, be sure to spend some time up at Eric’s Terrace - a place for a little r’n’r, and lovers of good food & coffee, but please double check the kitchen opening hours, man you won't want to kook that! With views of the stage, it is a nice place to take 5 and rejuvenate with some quality food, drinks and conversation.  Hang at The Pink Flamingo Bar for some spicy late night action where there are good drinks and an epic dance floor guaranteed.  

One of the joys of Meredith is the size of the festival. It is small, with a capacity of 13,500 - it is manageable and easy to enjoy yourself without the stress of a crowd too big. In addition to this, the No Dickhead Policy is possibly one of the smartest and most important elements of the festival. Essentially, if you behave like a dickhead, you are not welcome at Meredith. You will have no worries if you look after yourself, and treat those around you with respect. Bloody good idea to have this policy in place, if you ask us. 

The team behind Meredith have done a darn good job to keep the essence and spirit the same since the first festival in 1991. Going to Meredith is kinda like time travel, taking you back to the early ‘90’s when perhaps things were a little more relaxed. Bob Hawke was our PM, the Arts weren’t being merged with the Roads and Railways and we weren't living in an environmental crisis. To those attending Meredith this year, we hope you have a damn good time. It is a chance to meet many like minded people, listen to a range of music from all around the globe, drink some cold beers, eat some tasty treats, and maybe take a moment to remember the small joys of life surrounded by some of the best folk out there, maybe even restore some faith in humanity. 

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