Lessons learned: How Big Lloyd taught Cohen Arthur the art of the hustle

If you're like us, you'll know that when it comes to motorcycles there's no better feeling than flying down the highway on a bike that you built. There's a beautiful love between man and machine that forms in the frustration and grit of the process that's hard to put into words, Cohen Arthur knows this process all too well. Based in the heart of the Gold Coast the Burleigh Heads resident is a long-time friend of Thrills, Cohen's story and his love for choppers is nothing short of inspiring. We took a visit to his workshop to chat about his father and how he played a pivotal role in forming his craft and Lloyds as it stands today.

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Cohen - for those who may not know you, can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about what you do?

My name's Cohen Arthur and I own a little space called Lloyds Chopper Shop.
We buy and sell strictly pre-1975 Harley Davidsons all around the world. The last few years we have taken on ground up builds for clients, we work differently to most other shops. You don’t really get to choose what you get. It’s a more of a get what you're given kinda deal. We choose colors, wheel size, proportions etc.

Can you tell us more about your dad and the influence he had on your life?

The shop was built in the memory of my father - big Lloyd. He was more of a brother to me than anything. Not only me... he adopted a lot of my friends also.
He taught us how to use our hands, the importance of having the skills to repair your own classic car / motorcycle, but most importantly, he taught us the art of the hustle. Buying low and selling higher. Moving something on to make way for something better.

What lessons have you learnt from Big Lloyd?

Lloyd was the most giving person in the world, but also worked extremely hard in life. These are skills I cherish.

I’m jealous of everyone who gets to hang out with their dads this Father’s Day. Make the most of it and never take life for granted.

Enjoy this Sunday xx

Big Lloyd // 28.5.53 - 21.7.17

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