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We all flew into Hilo one night and headed up to my family’s property on the Haumakua coast. We spent the next few days driving all over the island exploring and stopping to shoot at some of our favorite spots. We had a really good time, it’s sick to be able to work & collaborate with my best friends and a brand I really dig.

Q. Last record you played?

A. My bestie played me The Pleasure Principle, Gary Numan

Q. How would you describe your style?

A. Rogue? Haha my wardrobe is pretty all over the place as I thrift a lot of my clothes. I definitely go through fazes but I guess I’ve been dressing pretty androgynous lately. 

Q. Your ideal day off in Hawaii includes?

A. Honestly grinding good food, hiking through the jungle, reading a good book, ending the day at the beach for sunset & a spliff, going to sleep early 

Q. Tell us something about yourself not many people know?

A. My first name is Annie 🤓😎

Q. How did you meet Jenah and Mahina? 

A. Jenah & I met in middle/high school & I met Mahina maybe 7 years ago through mutual friends. 

Q. What do you like the most about shooting the girls?

A. Jenah & I have been switching off shooting each other for more than a decade, and Mahina since I’ve met her as well, so it feels really natural at this point. 

Q. Tell us about Hawaii, what inspired these photos. 

A. I was inspired by its diverse climate zones, sweeping landscapes, and old plantation charm.

Q. What types of music do you like to play when shooting?

A. I can’t even begin to describe my music taste, but while shooting definitely stuff you can move to and whatever fits the vibe. I feel like we’re dancing around half the time while shooting. 

Q. Tell us what you dig about THRILLS?

A. Thrills’ vibe is raw but also classic. And the quality of everything is really fucking good. Their color tones and cuts are really flattering, I could honestly wear their stuff every day. 


Q. How did you start shooting with Kea and what drew you guys to become friends?

A. Kea and I become best friends when I was 15. She was/is super cool with amazing style and I was/am obsessed with her. Taking photos was just something we liked doing and eventually became something were “good” at.

A. What do you like most about shooting with Kea?

Q. I love shooting with her because it feels natural and she knows what looks good so she guides me to get the best shot. 

She keeps it fun and light. 

A. How did you get drawn into the fashion industry?

A. I don't really know if I would consider myself to be in the fashion industry but I love clothes because you can find dope shit at thrift stores for 5 dollars and express yourself in epic ways. 

Q. What kinds of music do you like to listen to while you shoot?

I like to listen to rap during shoots because it puts me in the zone of feeling like a bad ass and I stop worrying about what I look like and start feeling like A$AP Ferg. 

Q. Tell us what you dig about THRILLS...

A. The tomboy vibe. 

I can wear Thrills comfortably every day because the natural tones and soft tees can be worn with anything and the swim is the perfect cut and fabric to leave you feeling sexy and stylish. 

I guess you could say the neutral color tones is my favorite thing about thrills.

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