Today’s a special day for us at Thrills HQ. We are proud to introduce you to our mates, Flying Machine, and their debut single “This Feeling”.

Hear the wizardry that is the Byron Bay 3 piece below:



With 2/3 of the band currently spending their 9-5 in the office with us we have been lucky enough to watch them grow over the past year and a half, and we can tell you firsthand they possess more musical talent than our entire office combined. Alright, that might not be saying much as we struggle to make a triangle hum, but trust us these guys are sick and they’re only just getting started.



We recently queried them about their inspiration for the track and they figured it might be easier to show us rather than tell. They have put together a killer playlist to help you get inside their heads.



They will be hitting the road later this year and have a debut album due not long after that, make sure you get well acquainted with these guys because you won’t want to miss it.


Artwork by @goodvermin

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