It’s the festive season, and we all know what that means.. Time spent with family, the giving and receiving of gifts, a time to unwind and reflect on the year that was.….

I joke. It means drinking. Lots & lots of drinking.

And if there’s one thing we’ve learnt about our good friends Jack (Liquid Face) and Jack (Pist Idiots) over the years, it’s that they’re really bloody good at drinking. So good in fact that the Jacks have taken it upon themselves to jump the bar and give you a little bit of cocktail Inspo for your silly season - Proving in the process that being able to knock back a couple yourself doesn’t necessarily make you handy with a shaker.

So without further adieu, I present to you what will no doubt be your new favourite cook(ed)ing show: LIQUID IDIOTS

In this first instalment we get the scoop on just how to (or more accurately, how not to) make an Apple Pie Cocktail.

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