Wild creatures, eclectic antiques, and ominous skies. Our new campaign is otherworldly, taking you far from reality to showcase our latest designs. Featuring a solid line-up of premium vintage-inspired clothing styles and accessories, this new campaign gives a post-apocalyptic feel with inspiration from the grunge of the 90s.

Reinforcing our long-term ambitions to be using all sustainable fabrics by 2022, our latest collection also features a plethora of high-quality fabrics such as Recycled Nylon, Hemp and Organic Cotton to reduce our footprint on the planet. 

Inspired by the deep hues and grungy textures of the range, we decided to play with the idea of a dystopian paradise and transcend our customers to another world.  

The new collection features swimwear made using Recycled Nylon which reduces energy, consumption, and waste to landfill. We’ve also used hemp which contributes to the reversal of global warming and the impact of climate change, while also working closely with our factories to create one of the highest quality Hemp compositions in our market.

The world right now is wild and chaotic, which is reflective in the intriguing patterns and interesting fabrics throughout the range. In muted hues and earthy tones, the collection takes on a more sophisticated approach, while also including vintage-inspired graphics we’re known and loved for.

Shop new arrivals now.​​​


Shop new arrivals now.​​

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