Ainsley of Sticks & Stones Agency talks us over what inspires her work, fav things to do on a Saturday night + being a glamorous mess.

Q. 3 words that sum you up?

A. Ainsley Louise Hutchence (indescribable)

Q. Where are you from & how did you find yourself creating?

A. Sunshine Coast (Aus), a beautiful coastal small town vibe place North of Brisbane. 
Everyone knows everyone. Not much to do aside from enjoy nature & CREATE.

Q. What do you do as an artist?

A. Curate Sticks & Stones website, art director, photographer, stylist & whatever pays the bills when I'm poor :)

Q. What inspires you?

A. Nature, authentic people doing what they love, my daughter (@ulacoco), my cat.

Q. How would you describe your style?

A. Glamourous mess, i.e - Sequins or metallic meets shirt with stains & holes.

Q. What do you dig about THRILLS?

A. Comfortable & cool AF at the same time. Awesome/inspiring imagery.

Q. Passionate about?

A. LOVE, purpose, people, animals, nature, sexy times, Sticks & Stones.

Q. Last record you played?

A. Jonsi - Go.

Q. Shit you like to do on a Saturday night?

A. Live music, good food, good sex (in that order).

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