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Meet Brooke from Filthy Mouth Creative.
We talk growing up on a llama farm, what to do in Vegas, dogs, rock n' roll and all things creative.

Q. 3 words that sum you up?
A. Sensitive, Passionate, A thinker.

Q. Where are you from & how did you find yourself in Vegas?
A. I'm originally from Bend, Oregon. Its a very small ski town in central Oregon. We had 20 acres of property. It was a llama farm. Yes i grew up on a llama farm. It was very similar to Napoleon Dynamite (Not Kidding). I moved to Vegas when i was 20, met my husband at 22 and have been there since.

Q. What do you do as an artist?
A. I like to create things in all aspects of my life.
I am a photographer, stylist, creative director. I also like to cook amazing meals.
I can sew and design clothing - I have always been this way.

Q. What inspires you?
A. Everything - my surroundings, music, movies, pop culture, people.

Q. How would you describe your style?
A. My personal style is rock n' roll. My styling aesthetic is 80's & 90's for sure. I love bright and flashy things. All that glitters is gold.

Q. What do you dig about THRILLS?
A. Whats not to love about THRILLS?
The overall vibe of the brand is rock n' roll, it makes me want to jump in my Chevy Nova and ride off into the sunset blasting Wolfmother.
Palm Trees & Street Machines... What else is there in life?
The brand feels like a lifestyle - not just clothing.
The clothing is also dope, well made, super wearable pieces that will only get better with time and wear.

Q. Passionate about?
A. I'm passionate about animals, specifically dogs.
I have a deep connection to dogs. I am supposed to help them, give them their voice on this earth and create ways to protect them and give them the lives they deserve.
This is something i have always been drawn to but just now this year i have began to explore the ways i can actually help and make a difference.

Q. Last record you played?
A. I'm currently obsessed with Deap Vally. I saw them twice in a 5 day period, i would travel anywhere to see them. They are just 2 chicks and they rock like a band of 5. I bought their record at the last show i saw. I could listen to it over and over.

Q. Best shit to do on a Saturday night in Vegas?
A. Avoid the south side of the strip. Always stay downtown Vegas and go to any bar that has live music.
My faves are the Backstage Bar & Billiards, Bunkhouse, The Huntridge & The Plaza Hotel is always a rad place to stop for a cocktail.

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