The 3 Comfortable One-Piece Swimsuits to try this Summer

One-piece swimsuits are the underdog when it comes to swim in general. Don't get us wrong, we love a good two-piece bikini set and will continue making them for you guys, but one-piece swim has really been having a moment. Whether you're about to head off on an Island vacation or are simply lounging by the poolside, you might want to consider upgrading your swim. Refresh with some of our current 3 favourite one-piece styles:

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1. Retro-inspired

The retro one-piece is back and ready to be worn this Summer season. The reason why we love this particular style is that it seamlessly doubles as a bodysuit, and who doesn't love a good versatile piece. Featuring a flattering square-neck, it's also going to comfortably hold you in while looking 11/10. We've also highlighted that retro style by bringing it out in a Sunlight Yellow colour which will surely make you jump out of the water in true Baywatch style.



2. The basic

Stock up your staples with one of these one-pieces. You can't go wrong with the basics, and we've spent lots of time developing these ones to make sure you feel as comfortable as ever. 


3. Primal patterns

Unleash your wild side with something more primal. Like our other styles, our patterned one-pieces also double as a bangin' bodysuit you can wear underneath a leather jacket or paired with denim. Take your pick.



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