The one trend that's everlasting, even in 2020 fashion: Military Surplus

It's no secret that we're longtime lovers of all things vintage - raw, used, edgy and rough simply sounds like music to our ears. While trends come and go, there's one style that inspires us season after season: from trench coats and jackets to coveralls and pants - almost all of our collections feature some of the finest military surplus staples. And you guessed right, our new collection is no exception - it seems like the new wave of military trend doesn't show any signs of slowing down in the fashion world. And why would it? Subtle colours like faded dark green, desert sand, khaki, navy blue or classic black make it easy to pair with basically anything from your wardrobe, be it hot Aussie summer or cool LA winter. See for yourself.

The Painter Coverall in Thrift White


Division Pleated Military Pant in Black

Tab Carpenter Coverall in Black

Arch Crew Knit - Total Eclipse 

Division Oversize Long Sleeve Shirt in Dark Olive


Got a bit of the taste? Get decked out in the newest womens military surplus style or click here for our mens military surplus collection - we promise these won't ever go out of fashion.


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