We came, we saw (too much) and we delivered one of our loosest parties to date.

On Saturday night, we celebrated our US arrival by throwing one of our signature Thrills parties reaching capacity fast with over 1000 RSVPs from in and around LA. If it was any reflection of how we left our event space (Monster Children’s 1700Naud), it was wild (sorry, guys).

The night was taken to another level with the help of our raucous music lineup - Richard Rose, Dumb Fucks, Cumgirl8, and Bradley Soileau on decks. We also had a delicious line-up of artwork from our very own Jason Lee Parry - many of which didn’t hold up by the end of the night (they’re ok, don’t worry). Circle pits, lube (yep), too much PBR and Dirty Lemon made the perfect combination of a night to remember (or not for many).

Check out the snaps below. Courtesy of photo wizard, @morgnar:

See all images here.



See all images here.

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