Thrills Radio 6.0 - Curated by Third Eye Stimuli

Meet Third Eye Stimuli Records. Friends of Thrills, and also music label home for some of our favourite bands (The Jim Mitchells, The Uplifting Bell Ends, Leroy Francis, and the Misty Lanes). You're going to want to get familiar with Third Eye and their bands, because we've got some super exciting things coming up that we can't wait to share.

The artists you’re listening to are our friends and also our inspiration.

They’ve got something special, something that keeps us turning up to their shows and spinning their material in cars, lounge rooms and train carriages.

As with the food we put in our bodies, it’s healthy to consume a balanced aural diet, and sometimes the gold lives just below the surface.

The Third Eye Stimuli label was based on this mantra, here to dig it up and dish it out.

We help artists get whatever was in their heads or hard drives out to the world. Whether that be recording, pressing or simply sharing links for streaming consumption.

So spend some time here with our friend’s creations, get to know them, add them to whatever rotational platform you’re running, and if they come to your town, go catch a show, maybe buy a record.

And if you’re in Sydney this Friday night, grab a ticket and come to our showcase, it’s called Strange News and it’ll be a groovy time.

- Words from Third Eye Stimuli.

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Come and watch some epic bands from Third Eye Stimuli this Friday night at The Chippo Hotel in Sydney. Grab a ticket and come hang out!

Event info here.

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