Thrills Radio 9.5 - Curated By Pist Idiots

Alrighty, folks. Here is part two of Pist Idiots' Thrills Radio, ready to be blasted. 

The boys from the Pisties have quickly become a part of the family here at Thrills. If you've seen them live, you'll know what we mean when we say they're a band you'll never forget. With grit and guts that make them stand out from the crowd, it’s no surprise that they have gained so much attention the past few years. 

They’ve just dropped their first physical release a combination of all 3 of their EP’s with a bunch of new tracks and an Aus wide tour to match it so we thought we’d ask the boys to put together a playlist to get everyone excited. 

We asked the boys to put together a playlist full of their current favourite tunes, and we weren't disappointed. Check it out now.

Listen to Thrills Radio 9.5 now.

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