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Article: Thrills x Jason Lee Parry

Thrills x Jason Lee Parry

Thrills x Jason Lee Parry


If you aren't familiar with the name "Jason Lee Parry", I'm afraid you've been living under a rock. Not just a long-time friend of Thrills, but a creative genius; Jason continues to blow our minds with the photography work he creates around the world. We're excited to announce that this is the first of our ongoing collaboration.

For an exclusive Q&A with Jason, scroll down to the end.

 Shop the shoot now.


Shop the shoot now.

We sat down with Jason to rack his mind about all things photography.

Nat: You’ve carved out an aesthetic that is very recognisable as your own - Photography or otherwise, what would you consider to be your biggest sources of inspiration for your work?

Jason: Music, life experiences, spontaneity, the freedom to be creative. People who have the guts to create for themselves, not caring what others may think. That inspires me. Thinking of an original idea and bringing it to life is when I’m at my best, and when the magic happens.

Nat: What initially got you into photography, Is it something that you’ve done from a young age?

Jason: As a younger child I was overly visually stimulated. I lived in over 16 states before the age of 15 because my mom was on the run. I remember all these strange, unique, and sometimes beautiful, experiences that I felt needed to be captured. In saying this my first love/distraction was skateboarding that started at age 10. So between skateboarding and wanting to take pictures of real, raw subjects and circumstances...being the poor kid I was, I crawled behind the counter at Walmart and stole my first camera. And the rest is history.

Nat: Was it always your plan to get into fashion photography, or was it more of an organic evolution?

Jason: I needed money.

Nat: Is there a pivotal moment in your career where you remember feeling like you had finally made it to where you wanted to be?

Jason: For me, there are no milestones in individual campaigns or jobs. I will never feel like I “made it” because there is so much more to be captured. And, I have yet to shoot a feature film.

Nat: What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given? Could be for career, photography or life?

Jason: Simplify.

Nat: Is there any one shoot that sticks out to you as your favourite?

Jason: No.

Nat: In your opinion, what makes a good image?

Jason: A good image to me is an image not planned. I love seeing a candid image that has all the ingredients...

Nat: Favourite place to shoot/that you’ve shot?

Jason: Chefchaouen, Morocco and the Saharan Desert

Nat: Favourite person to shoot/that you’ve shot?

Jason: I am very picky with who I choose to shoot. What I am trying to say here is with all the people I have chosen to shoot George Clooney was definitely one of my favorites. Because his experience taking direction and forecasting what I wanted visually made everything go effortlessly. Not to mention we shot in Jalisco, Mexico drinking tequila all day and rode motorcycles.

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