Two iconic lovers, one getaway car and the open road.

THRILLS latest campaign, True Romance, features Ashley Smith & Braydon Szafranski, shot by Jason Lee Parry in California. Ashley, a forever Thrills muse has been featured over numerous publications since being discovered at a punk show in 2009. She embodies the Thrills vibe with her entire being; wild, carefree and totally badass. Brayden, a pro skater from Vegas, has ridden over the years for Baker and Emerica and is one of the biggest personalities to come out of the skating industry in recent years.

Featuring THRILLS denim and key styles from our latest ranges, the couple altered and personalised their favourite pieces, wearing them across a road trip through the desert to a small hideout where they set alight the night, literally. The latest campaign encapsulates THRILLS in all its raw and uninhibited glory, destroyed and dirty denim, striking colours and fabrics. There is nothing tameable here.



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