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Article: Your September Gig Guide

Your September Gig Guide

Your September Gig Guide

By Jacob Pumphrey

King Street Crawl - September 1st

Psyched As @ Kelly’s Newtown

I Oh You and Waywards @ The Bank Hotel

Bad Friday @ The Newtown Hotel

Third Eye Stimuli Records @ The Sly Fox

Pist Idiots at the soon-to-come Thrills store during King Street Crawl 2019

Spring is well and truly in full swing and we figured it’s probably time to let you know which shows we’ll be trying to get to this September. For those that missed King Street Crawl last weekend, click here for all the jealousy and “you blew its” you’ll ever need. Spring is usually the start of all things music in Australia as the weather begins to warm up and everybody crawls out of the winter hibernation that is Netflix, chocolate and foods covered in gravy. Luckily for all of us the hardworking folk in the music industry didn’t achieve nothing all winter and are here to help shake you out of your slumber, this Spring won’t disappoint I promise with some the country’s heaviest hitters touring new records through-out some of our favourite venues.

Big Sound - September 3rd - 6th 

Big Sound is currently underway in Brisbane running through until Friday September 6th, if you have never made it to one of these I highly suggest that you start coming up with some creative excuses to get out of work immediately. We don’t condone this behaviour of course, and we will flat out deny it if anybody asks, we love work and so do you and you would never lie to your boss, but I have heard that there is a flu going around? For those of you who are unfamiliar with Big Sound it is a music conference likened (but quite a good deal smaller) than the famous South By South West in Austin, Texas. Music conferences are essentially a chance for bands to be seen by international booking agencies, record labels and management, to be it simply it is a chance to be noticed and occasionally very quickly find yourself on the international map. I know it all sounds a little bit corporate to some but what it means for the everyday punter with no work or commitments is that you get to see some of the best bands in the country 3-4 times in a week, the Festival literally takes over the entirety of Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley and there are showcases (gigs) in just about any space that people can fit a PA and band. Our picks for the Week are 100, Bad Dreems, The Buoys, Private Function and Shady Nasty, as we mentioned earlier most bands will play 3-4 times so head on over to their pages to check out the details. More information and tickets can be found at

Private Function - St Anger Tour

Ready to be offended? Well, maybe you will be, maybe you won’t be, I guess it really depends how easily offended you get… Kind of a dumb question really as I guess no one is ever actually that psyched to get offended, my point is if you are easily offended perhaps these guys could offend you, but if not you’ll just have a really great time seeing them live. Private Function are band out of Melbourne front manned by Mesa Cosa’s Chris. They’ve been around for a while now much to my enjoyment and have just released their newest record “St Anger” a nice little tip of the hat to or, more hopefully, a spit in the face of Metallica, which I also quite enjoy. This album has all the ingredients to keep it on heavy rotation well into next year, fast unwavering energy from start to finish, some good old fashion tongue in cheek rock n roll mixed with Australian 80’s punk guarantees a good time at every show – speaking of their live performances, it’s hard to believe that the band who wrote a song titled “god save the king hit” could be more energetic, offensive offensive and raucus than their recordings but trust me they are, expect at least 1 if not 5 crowd surfs from Chris, he might just stay up there the whole set if he feels like it - who knows.

Amyl and The Sniffers - "Aus Tour 2019"

Amyl and The Sniffers are back in Aus and have just released an absolute belter of a self-titled album. If you don’t know who Amyl and The Sniffers are by now then you may not like too many of my suggestions in this gig guide anyway, but I guarantee even if you didn’t like the recordings you would still love the live show and that’s what this piece is all about. I haven’t met a single person, who was unimpressed by a Sniffers performance, they are just that good! With a heavily stacked touring schedule that saw them back and forth between the US, UK, Europe and all over Aus the past few years they’ve got more than enough stage hours under their belts. Amy Taylor has been hailed as one of the best front woman to come out since the glory days of punk and rightly so, Amy is all equal parts energy, aggression and cheekiness, she is as charismatic as they come and the best part is that not a single part of it feels fake or contrived and that’s because it isn’t. Inspired largely by 80’s Australian pub rock and English punk there’s a not a second of the show that you won’t be nodding along.

Justin Townes Earle - Australia New Zealand Tour 2019

Don’t feel like being yelled at this September? Well then, we’ve got just the act for you. In a nice change of pace to our other few shows Justin Townes Earle is an artist that embodies all of the badass rebellious punk ideals we love but conveys them in quite a different way to our choices. Being the son of blues legend Steve Earle means that Justin has quite the boots to fill, which he does and then some. In a style not to dissimilar to his father, Justin’s music is captivating and intriguing whilst still being an absolute hoot to listen too, his newest album “The Saint of Lost Causes” is the perfect representation of this with upbeat blues, country and folk evenly spaced through out. Townes Earle’s social commentary and modern references are perfectly on point as always keeping is musical appeal open to all. For all of us Gen Y’rs nothing will ring truer than his catchy fast paced “Give me some money”, I am a sucker for country and Blues and can’t help but be excited when we have world class musicians like these touring our shores.





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