Meet our incredible USA Women's Sales Rep, Erin. Based in San Diego, Erin takes our collections stateside, selling to a wide range of retailers and stores. We know you love meeting our team, so we thought we'd check in to see what she's been up to and get a first-hand look into the life of a women's sales rep in the US. Big love to Joey Martinez for the imagery, too. Read on.

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Can you give us a round-up of what you do at Thrills?

I'm the USA Women’s Sales Rep. Normally I’d be traveling the USA showing our season collections but with the recent shut downs due to COVID, I’ve been working from home doing virtual appointments. However, things seem to be opening back up again so that’s great news for summer 2021! I can’t wait to hit the road again.

Where are you based?

Currently based in North County San Diego. Moved from LA down south to Orange County, then even further south to San Diego. Thinking I may end up in Mexico the rate I’m going. We purchased a house with enough land for us to have eight chickens, three goats and two dogs. Kept us very busy with a smile during quarantine. 

Erin wears the Fairbanks Knit Tee.

What’s COVID-19 looking like where you are? 

Can’t go anywhere without a mask. When I walk around the grocery store I’ll make eye contact with someone then smile at them. I laugh at myself cause I quickly realize they can’t see my mouth. I then find myself telling people “I just smiled at you” hoping to give them a little chuckle. Works sometimes. Haha.

What are your tips for staying sane during this time?

I’ve been focusing on wellness for myself and family. Since I started working for Thrills I’ve done a lot of research on sustainable approaches, not only in the fashion industry but in everyday life. Trying to learn and understand what effects each of my choices have on the environment and body. My number one focus has been juicing and playing with new healthy recipes for the family. It’s been fun shopping for the best ingredients from our local farmers here in town. Food for the mind, body and soul. My husband Marshall has also been interested in composting. That will be a new fun hobby for us to add to our little family farm using my leftover pulp from juicing.

From the beginning of the quarantine till now my kids stopped going to school/daycare and husband has been working from home with me. It was definitely a struggle to figure out the balance but the silver lining to it all is that we were able to spend so much time together that we would have never got before. These young years with the kids are special and go by so fast. I cherish each moment, even the hectic ones. Spending time with my family has been my saviour. Puts into perspective what is truly important in life.

What have you been wearing? Any style icons you’re looking to for inspiration?

I’ve lived in my vintage Vietnam military pants for the last two years that there’s nothing left to wear. Literally down to the last thread! We just launched the Carpenter Pant in Lume Green for FA20 so you know those are my new favs in additional to pretty much all our denim! I always pair my bottoms with the Hemp Retro Tank & Fairbanks Knit Tee. I also love the Thelma Short and all our Merch Tees with any graphic! I’m a true 90’s girl so you’ll ALWAYS find me in vintage graphic tees and denim.

Erin wears the Carpenter Pant.

What kind of things do you get up to on your downtime? 

These last two years we’ve been working a lot on our home and remodeling. I’m so lucky to have a jack of all trades husband. He pretty much has done all the work himself so it’s been really fun designing and having him do the hard work. Our latest project is our kitchen. We’re almost done… we started in June. When we’re not working on the house you can either find us at the beach teaching Bowie how to surf or at the skate park!

Any travelling on the horizon? Where are you off to next?

We’ll be headed to Los Gaviotas, Mexico next month for my birthday weekend getaway, Kauai in December and now I’m planning a 2021 girls trip to Mexico City after seeing all Benny’s posts from his latest travels! Looked gorgeous and I’m hooked!

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