With our love of fabric and sustainability we've designed an injection range using only premium fabrics that have not been bleached or dyed in any way. 

There is so much beauty in nature and especially natural colours and textures - If you look closely at the fabrics in this collection you can see that the fibres are very raw and softly coloured - you can also see small flecks of the brown plant husk still attached to the fibres. 

​Bleaching of fibre or finished fabric is done to remove any colour so that the garment can either be further bleached to white or ready to take a dye so that the colour is consistent. There are a few different bleaching methods, and all involve highly toxic chemicals.

​The purpose behind Unbleached is to raise awareness about these toxic dying and bleaching processes so we can make substantial decisions that preserve our planet. Our fundamental goal is to be using all sustainable fabrics by 2022, and while we’re not perfect we’re doing everything we can to be more conscious and proactive in lessening our footprint and improving our day-to-day operations.



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