It's our proudest collection to-date. 

For this collection, we have taken influence from the softer, more muted colours of our natural environment. With a focus on textiles, fabrications and pattern we have explored a palette that is sophisticated with an air of grunge. Alongside this, we've paid attention to custom fabrics and finishes; providing nuanced textures and a more elevated look compared to previous seasons. 

Last year, before COVID-19 restrictions, our team took a trip to Japan to design and source inspiration for this collection. After finding a beautifully curated selection of vintage stores in Tokyo, we were inspired to focus on textual fabrications and exaggerated silhouettes.

Staying true to the Thrills DNA, we have kept a vintage look and feel to the collection, focusing on mixing and matching pieces, styling back across different blocks and making it the most sustainable and easy wear collection to date. This season, we've grown our ratio of sustainable, environmentally conscious fabrics and processes dramatically and plan to continue doing so.

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Shop new arrivals now. ​


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