The cool girl way to wear maxi dresses

While summer is already knocking on our doors (and we're SO in the mood for it), Spring is still reminding us to not head out in tops and tees every day just yet. But being us, we've got a few other Spring styling key pieces up our sleeves. We've recently re-discovered our love for one particular wardrobe essential, that is while giving us the summer moods we're craving, somewhat season-less. Enter maxi dresses. And while we're at it, we'll include midi dresses too because, let's be honest, the 10cm fabric difference isn't making the biggest difference anymore this late in Spring.  

While in winter we simply chucked on a turtleneck under or over and paired them with heavy denim or leather jackets, we can't wait to lighten up with temperatures on the rise.

While it's easy to put the maxi dress in a corner labeled 'special events' or bohemian holiday dress ups, we want to prove that there's actually more to it, that it's easy to pack a punch of grunge into styling maxi dresses and that it is, in fact, one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe accommodating for every body shape and styling mood.

We're actually pretty certain that not only you won't wonder anymore how the heck to wear a maxi dress the cool way, but that it will become your favourite summer 2019 style. Scroll down to view our favourite styles and don't say we didn't warn you.

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1. Pick the right shoes

 The easiest way to set a nice contrast to feminine maxi dresses are... chunky shoes. Platform sandals, tough Doc Martens, over-the-knee or cowboy boots all work a gem to wear maxi dresses like the cool girl you are. If you're feeling super comfy, go for Converse to bring you through the day with ease.

2. Toughen up with accessories





Toughen-up the look with heavy leather jackets, belts or add a nice bucket hat for interest. Accessories make a look come together, always.

3. Silhouettes are everything


Choose flowy and wide maxi dresses for when you want to be most comfortable yet still look put together (we love them especially with chunky boots or sandals) or go for the figure-hugging slip dresses, dressed up or down just as you like.



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