Our Top 4 Shirts Every Guy Should Own

The men's shirt is not just a wardrobe essential, but one of the most versatile pieces for styling ever. If you're a guy, you'll know what we mean when we say versatility is important when it comes to styling an outfit; "One shirt = multiple outfits" is our thing. It seemed only too right to take you through some of the shirts we have on heavy rotation and show you how we wear them for different occasions.

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1. The Overshirt

Layering has never been so easy than by turning your button-up into an overshirt. Simply pair back with a simple tee and denim underneath, chuck it on over the top and voila. Exhibit A below. 




2. The Party Shirt

For our fellow party animals, this one's for you. BBQs, events, festivals, beers with mates, dinners... You name it, the party shirt will be your best friend through it all. Find your favourite pattern and thank us later.



3. The Everyday Button Up

Every guy needs an everyday go-to shirt in their wardrobe, ready to chuck on when you can't be bothered thinking of anything else. The benefit here is that you look very much put together with very little effort. Comfort is key here, friends. Opt for linen or cotton-linen blend fabrics for breathability during the day. Denim is an alternative if you're looking for something that will go with all kinds of bottoms.




4. The Fancy Long Sleeve

Fancy events come up from time to time. Or maybe you've got a fancy office job in the city. Either way, prepare yourself by keeping a fancy long sleeve shirt handy. 



There you have it, folks. For more shirt goodness head here and shop now.

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