We recently got together with a bunch of our favourite local Byron Bay bands and stuck 'em in the studio for some recording. Each band played an original and a Cramps cover and we collected all the songs and pressed them onto vinyl. 

Check out the playlist below featuring music from artists:

Israeli Chicks (@hot_local_israelichicks)

Mini Skirt (@miniskirt666)

Flying Machine (@flyingmachineaus)

Mylee and the Milkshakes (@myleegrace)

Dork Skid

This exclusive, never to be sold record can be yours! For your chance to win a copy of the record for yourself and a friend, simply head to our instagram @thrillsco (here!) be following us, and tag your vinyl loving mate in the comments. We'll be sending the first 25 people (+ their mate) a one of a kind musically genius record.





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