Introducing Kye & Renee, we've known these two since the humble beginnings of Thrills, when they shot for one of our very first campaigns. Kye restores and designs furniture, skates and raises baby Zephyr with his partner Renee. We recently caught up with them to find out what is so alluring about furniture making and what the best part about being a dad is!

1. Kye - What got you interested in making furniture?

Well, truthfully I wanted to be an interior decorator while i was in high school. Then during my manual arts class I discovered my passion for wood working, and it turns out all the tinkering i did in my parents garage growing up manifested into a natural talent.

2. Kye - whats your favourite thing about being a dad?

I think it would have to be sharing all the things I love. I get to discover everything again for the first time and seeing how stoked he gets reminds me of being a kid again.

3. Renee - what makes Kye a great dad?

Kye has a fearless, adventurous and fun spirit. I love that he is passing that onto Zephyr because I’m not like that at all. He teaches Zephyr to enjoy the best things in life to the fullest. After a massive day of work he will come home, take Zephyr to the skate park, cook the family dinner and read Zeph books in bed until he falls asleep. Family comes first and I love him so much for it! 

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